This section contains an inventory of useful tools for the INSPIRE implementation. They can range from desktop/server software, libraries, plugins, online services and many more technical products and solutions that help people to share INSPIRE data, metadata and services.

  • If you are a solution provider you can use this space to showcase your product by adding it to the catalogue or by claiming an existing record that you can then directly manage to highlight particular features for INSPIRE implementation.
  • If you are an implementer or an application developer you can also contribute to the catalogue by adding examples of tools that have not yet been registered but that you have used in either your implementation or developments.

The commenting option can be useful to also raise awareness about issues or needs … that could also lead to development opportunities…


Tool name Scope Platform License Type
SpatiaLite Data Stores Desktop Open Source
Spatineo Monitor Metadata management, Other, Web Servers, WebGIS Service Proprietary
Spatineo Performance GIS, Other, Web Servers, WebGIS Service Proprietary
Sphinx Other Server Open Source
Splunk Other, Web Servers Proprietary
stetl ETL Desktop Open Source
swe4citizenscience Other Unknown
Talend Open Studio - Spatial integrator ETL Desktop Open Source
TEAM Engine Other Server Open Source
ThManager Metadata management, Other Open Source
TileMill GIS, Other Desktop Open Source
TinyOWS plug-in Web Servers Server Open Source
uDig GIS Desktop Open Source
Unfolding Geospatial Libraries, WebGIS Server Open Source
Ushahidi Domain Specific GIS Mobile, Server, Service Open Source
Viking Navigation and Maps Desktop Open Source
WebGL Earth Other Server Unknown
Whitebox GAT GIS, Other, Spatial Tools Desktop Open Source
Zabbix Other, Web Servers Server Open Source
ZOO Project Geospatial Libraries, Spatial Tools, Web Servers Server Open Source
zyGrib Domain Specific GIS, Spatial Tools Desktop Open Source