Open Land Use Map (OLU)

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    Tomas MILDORF
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    23 Jun 2017
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    17 Aug 2017
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    Open Land Use (OLU) is a map application providing pan-European data composed from various open data sources of different levels of details. The main data sources include the Urban Atlas and Corine Land Cover. In some countries, these data were combined with data of higher level of detail, such as the Land Parcel Identification System data and cadastral data in the Czech Republic.

    The methodology for creating the Open Land Use Map includes the following steps:

    1. All available open data from a certain territory are collected and stored in a database.

    2. These data are harmonised into a common data model based on the INSPIRE data specifications on land use and using the Hierarchical INSPIRE Land Use Classification System (HILUCS).

    3. Data of the highest level of detail (usually not covering the entire territory) are combined with data with second highest level of detail and so on.

    4. Data are published for download through various interfaces.

    Languages of the interface: 
    INSPIRE information
    INSPIRE Themes: 
    • Land cover
    • Land use
    INSPIRE assets: 
    INSPIRE or SDI resources: 
    Data Sources