INSPIRE in Practice is key a piece of the new INSPIRE Knowledge Base website aimed at supporting you either in the production of the INSPIRE resources either in the reuse of them.

More specifically, it is a collaborative platform that allows bringing together the different players involved in INSPIRE in a single place to facilitate the exchange of practical knowledge while leveraging synergies amongst stakeholders. More specifically, it aims to support the sharing of experience and expertise between INSPIRE implementers, software solution providers and end-user application developers. The platform helps to showcase each stakeholder’s piece of knowledge, through contributions related to either annotated experiences of implementing INSPIRE or by registering tools or SDI-powered apps in the platform.

This website is the result of the development of the prototype ARE3NA Re3ference Platform. It is helping to enable location interoperability across Europe as one of the goals of the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme.