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    Katharina SCHLEIDT
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    20 May 2017
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    22 May 2017
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    • Population distribution - demography
    • Statistical units
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    The DataCove Statistical Viewer was initiated at DanubeHack2 in December 2016 in Bratislava ( The goal of this initiative was to determine if data being made available using the INSPIRE data specifications for Statistical Units and Population Distribution and INSPIRE compliant download services are suitable for use by a simple application.

    The specification for the online viewer was kept simple, the following basic functionality was specified:

    • Select statistical measure
    • Select classifications for the statistical measure (i.e. gender, age group)
    • Display data for statistical measure corresponding to the selected classifications on a map
    • Specify simple calculations (arithmetic operations) between statistical measures and display (i.e. divide number of asylum applications by the size of the local population)

    As no existing INSPIRE compliant download services for Statistical Units and Population Distribution could be identified, we relied on DataCove Ghost Services. These Ghosting Services utilize openly available data from various sources, first transforming the data to the INSPIRE data models and then providing this data via WFS.

    In the process of this work various difficulties were encountered and protocolled, the workarounds used were documented. These fall into the following categories:

    • Bugs in Open Source Software (GeoServer)
    • Suitability of the INSPIRE Data Models for use in applications
    • Suitability of the INSPIRE Download Services for use in applications


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    At DataCove, we have a great deal of experience with all aspects of the environmental data provision process, are thus fully aware of the possibilities provided through modern technologies, and in turn duly frustrated with the slow implementation process.

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    Once the services for the INSPIRE Themes SU and PD were operational we designed a simple online viewer to test the usability of the services as specified by INSPIRE.

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    One of the difficulties encountered in the implementation of a simple viewer for INSPIRE Population Distribution Data was handling the amount of data returned for some requests. This has to do with the structure of the PD data specification, where the data is stratified across multiple dimensions, with a value being provided for all combinations of dimensions.