EUMETSAT: Earth Observation Portal

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    Antje KÜGELER
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    30 Sep 2016
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    30 Sep 2016
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    EUMETSAT has a highly extensive range of satellite data at its disposal, which until now was only accessible via several different systems, each of which had its own interface. The task performed by con terra comprised rendering this data accessible to potential users through a clearing house in a web-based Earth Observation Portal (EO Portal). The objective was to create a service-oriented architecture which incorporated the existing applications, encapsulated as web services, with a uniform safety concept based on standards. The data had to be described by standardised ISO metadata, discoverable by appropriate search clients, and be accessible via the special provision mechanisms described in the metadata.

    The EO Portal Project began with the draft phase for the software architecture, which was conducted by con terra GmbH in close cooperation with EUMETSAT.
    The existing systems were encapsulated for the solution, given a uniform safety concept (based on ESA/HMA-compliant federated identity and user management) and integrated as a clearing house through an enterprise service bus. The data was described by way of an ISO19115-2-extended metadata model, and collected and rendered searchable by the sdi.suite terraCatalog. The clearing house also offers OGC, ESA, WMO and INSPIRE-compliant software interfaces for data searching and ordering.

    The EO Portal provides online access to EUMETSAT data and services. It contains an interface with which users can search for these and obtain extensive information. From the data descriptions, users are also able to access services through which they can order data or arrange a regular, automatic data delivery. The user only needs to register once with the portal and to log on once (single sign-on).

    The WMS and WCS services currently under development will soon allow data to be supplied in the form of standardised OGC web-mapping and web-coverage services, through which the data will be directly usable online.

    • Central portal for accessing EUMETSAT data
    • Clearing house solution with single sign-on access for users
    • Metadata-supported input and search mechanism
    • Data directly usable online via WMS and WCS services