GDI InspireUmsetzer

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    Thorsten REITZ
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    02 Nov 2016
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    02 Nov 2016
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    • Administrative units
    • Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units
    • Land use
    • Utility and governmental services
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    GDI-Südhessen is a cooperative at county level, including more than 90 municipalities in the southern part of the German state of Hessen. The goal of this group is to improve internal cooperation and data sharing and to collaboratively tackle larger challenges, such as the implementation of the INSPIRE initiative.

    Through a partnership with a German SME (wetransform GmbH) and an applied Research Organization (Fraunhofer IGD), GDI-Südhessen has built the "GDI InspireUmsetzer" open platform to achieve both goals: Exchange data across all member organisations using shared data models, and fulfill INSPIRE obligations. Especially the latter typically requires significant capacity building, investment in software development and in changes to internal data production processes. Because of the large amount of expert knowledge that is required, there is significant resistance to implementing the INSPIRE directive.

    The platform we have now built enables data providers without any knowledge of INSPIRE standards to upload data in a very easy process, and the system then transforms the data and provides services in a fully automated workflow. The process also includes publishing in open data catalogues and data and metadata validation. Our intent from the start was to build GDI InspireUmsetzer so that the same solution could be offered to all public authorities in Europe that also need to comply with the INSPIRE directive. In particular, the main developer of the solution, wetransform GmbH, offers the platform to smaller organisations like municipalities that don't have their own IT departments and limited expertise in spatial data infrastructures under the name "INSPIRE GIS". INSPIRE GIS is available in different deployment modes (public cloud, private cloud, on premise) and is built on trusted open source software such as hale studio and deegree.


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    In this step, the GDI-Südhessen working group identified relevant themes for eahc of their data sets and created a conceptual mapping on paper, by directly connecting types and properties in a diagram. This input was then used to create executable transformation mappings with the hale studio software.