Linking INSPIRE and open data metadata

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    Irena AŽMAN
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    25 Jul 2017
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    28 Jul 2017
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    • Addresses
    • Administrative units
    • Agricultural and aquaculture facilities
    • Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units
    • Bio-geographical regions
    • Buildings
    • Cadastral parcels
    • Coordinate reference systems
    • Elevation
    • Environmental monitoring facilities
    • Geographical grid systems
    • Geographical names
    • Geology
    • Habitats and biotopes
    • Hydrography
    • Land cover
    • Land use
    • Natural risk zones
    • Orthoimagery
    • Population distribution - demography
    • Production and industrial facilities
    • Protected sites
    • Soil
    • Species distribution
    • Statistical units
    • Transport networks
    • Utility and governmental services
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    Slovenia has established INSPIRE metadata system as a part of Slovenian Geoportal. Surveying and Mapping Authority of Slovenia (SMA) as national contact point is responsible for establishing and maintaing metadata system. In the begining of the year 2017 this system contained metadata for 130 data sets and 90 services. Some of them are do not fall under INSPIRE requirements. But the INSPIRE metadata is harvesting on European INSPIRE Geoportal.

    Ministry of public administration (MPA) is responsible for open data is Slovenia, not just spatial data, but data, public authorities are responsible for. MPA has established Open data portal (OPSI), part of this portal are also metadata.  So we decided to link spatial metadata with opendata metadata.

    As a result of these activities we prepared a new slovenian metadata profile as a draft Slovenian national metadata profile. The project is not finished yet, it will be finished in September..


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    SMA has the role of national contact point for INSPIRE. As such it is obliged to take care of metadata system for INSPIRE.

    Metadata are created, managed and kept for the spatial data sets that are included in the list of spatial data sets INSPIRE, and for spatial data services.

    Metadata include the following information:

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    Metadata is managed and kept in digital form in the metadata information system, which is an integral part of the Slovenian spatial data geo-portal. Metadata system is harmonised with INSPIRE requirements. All the stakeholders that are responsible for data sets, related to INSPIRE, are obliged to create metadata describing INSPIRE data sets and related spatial data and network services.

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    The ministry of public administration (MPA) is responsible for open data of public institutions and has created an open data portal (OPSI). OPSI is established on the basis of the EU Directive on the re-use of public sector information and legislation on access to public information (ZDIJZ). It constitutes a single national website section for publishing open data for the whole public sector.

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    First we prepared the matching table that relates two metadata profiles. We also took into account INSPIRE metadata for interoperability. As regards metadata elements the comparison between these two profiles gave us the result:

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    So we established new Slovenian metadata profile that satisfies both profiles – INSPIRE and open data - and takes into account all the requirements.

    The solutions we prepared were:

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    The information system for metadata was upgraded. The next step was upgrading metadata descriptions in line with new requirements. For this workshop for of stakeholders are needed. This phase is still ongoing. In the future test harvesting will be made.