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    Thorsten REITZ
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    In the GDI InspireUmsetzer platform, any user without much INSPIRE experience can create an INSPIRE data set simply by uploading a set of files. These files are analysed, transformed, and then published as services, in a fully automated workflow. The automated workflow also includes generation and publishing of data set and service metadata, as well as validation of the data and the metadata.

    In particular, the following steps happen any time a data set is created or updated:

    1. Source file analysis and validation
    2. Metadata generation and editing
    3. Data transformation and conversion
    4. Data validation via Epsilon Data Validation Service
    5. View Service Publishing
    6. Download Service Publishing
    7. Metadata publishing via GDI-DE
    8. Dataset and Service Metadata validation via GDI-DE

    Deployment and management of view and download services is fully automated, with minimal effort required to create the initial configuration.

    List of used tools: