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The 52°North Web Processing Service enables the deployment of geo-processes on the web in a standardized way. It features a pluggable architecture for processes and data encodings.

The 52°North WPS implements the OGC WPS specification.


  • General Features
    • Full java-based Open Source implementation.
    • Pluggable framework for algorithms and XML data handling and processing frameworks
    • Build up on robust libraries (JTS, geotools, xmlBeans, servlet API, derby)
    • Supports full logging of service activity
      • Supports exception handling according to the spec
      • Storing of execution results
      • Full maven support
  • Clients
    • Basic client implementation for accessing the WPS (including the complete XML encoding)
  • WPS Invocation
    • Synchronous/Asynchronous invocation
    • Raw data support
    • Supports HTTP-GET
    • Supports HTTP-POST
  • Supported WPS Datatypes (selection)
    • GeoTiff Support
    • ArcGrid Support
    • Full GML2 support for ComplexData
    • Full GML3 support for ComplexData
    • Shapefiles
    • KML
    • WKT
    • (Geo-)JSON
  • Extensions
    • WPS4R - R Backend
    • GRASS out of the box extension
    • 220+ SEXTANTE Processes
    • Web GUI to maintain the service
    • ArcGIS Server Connector
  • Result Storage
    • All Results can be stored as simple web accessible resource with an URL
    • Raster/Vector results can be stored directly as WMS layer
    • Vector results can be stored directly as WFS layer
    • Raster results can be stored directly as WCS layer


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the only WPS Server that is able to work with GML 3.2 data

Last modified: 17 Jan 2018


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