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The eENVplus Validation Service is an online tool for the validation of INSPIRE datasets.

It is freely accessible via web browser or via REST APIs.

It’s open source, built upon TEAM Engine, the official test harness used by the OGC compliance program (CITE), and the GML 3.2 (ISO 19136:2007) Conformance Test Suite, the free testing facility developed by OGC as part of the CITE.

It aims at giving the data providers a solid reference for the validation of their datasets against INSPIRE requirements.

The 'eENVplus' validation goes far beyond the mere ‘schema validation’ provided by most validation tools. The datasets, in fact, are tested not only against requirements defined in the addressed application schemas, but as well against other requirements of the INSPIRE Data Specifications - such as those concerning geometry, coordinate reference systems and overall respect of the ISO 19136 standard – that are not expressible by means of XML schema grammar and therefore cannot be directly encoded in the application schemas.

Main features of the eENVplus Validation Service in 3 bullet points:

1) it provides an Executable Test Suite (ETS) implementing the Abstract Test Suites (ATS) contained in the INSPIRE Data Specifications.

  Every INSPIRE dataset, no matter the data theme it belongs to or the number of referenced application schemas, is subject to:

  1. schema validation i.e. it is validated against the requirements contained in each of the addressed XSDs (therefore a dataset that contains features from multiple INSPIRE data themes is validated against the requirements of all the relevant XSDs)
  2. GML 3.2.1 validation i.e. it is validated against requirements of the ISO 19136:2007 which defines the GML standard (as already mentioned, not just the gml.xsd schema requirements are addressed, but the overall respect of the relevant ISO).

A ' theme-specific' validation i.e. the validation against those Data Specifications requirements which are not encoded in the XSDs -  for example, the code list requirements – is currently provided only for Protected Sites and Land Cover datasets, but it is already under development for other INSPIRE data themes. It is also available for AQD INSPIRE-extended datasets and this is also upcoming for GeoSciML datasets. This 'theme-specific' validation is performed by means of schematron rules.

2) it provides :

  1. a step-by-step introductory guide to the INSPIRE data validation process and ATS tests by means of html pages
  2. manual guidelines to execute those ATS tests that cannot be automated 
  3. helpful tips on most frequently encontered validation failures and well-known issues.

 3) it enables the validation of XSDs e.g. INSPIRE extended schemas

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