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    Antje KÜGELER
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    29 Sep 2016
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    23 May 2017
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    FME Workspaces and smart.finder schema for the Gazetteer

    A Gazetteer is a geographical dictionary that links place names to coordinates or the other way around to help users to locate and find data sets available in the regions of interest. Primary function of the Gazetteer is to expose the Open Government Data (OGD) that is available for a certain "Place" (e.g. a city, country, district …). It provides the spatial reference (e.g. points with X/Y coordinates) for a place, which is then used to link to the geospatial metadata from the OGD. This "linking" through actual geospatial references is better than pure "textual" searches as they can be ambiguous or have multiple meanings (e.g. cities that have the same name). Besides supporting search a Gazetteer can also help to improve the quality of metadata that is inserted into the repository.

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