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    SensLog is web-based sensor data management system. SensLog is a solution that is suitable for static in-situ monitoring devices as well as for mobile devices with live tracking ability. General tasks of SensLog can be summarized in following points:

    1. Receiving measured data either directly from sensor device or indirectly from any Front-End Elements;
    2. Storing sensor data in SensLog data model implemented in RDBMS;
    3. Pre-processing data for easier querying if necessary, and/or analyzes sensor data;
    4. Publishing data through system of web-services to other Front-End Elements, or to other applications.

    SensLog provides system of web-services with JSON format encoding or provides standardized services using core methods of OGC SOS version 1.0.0. The lastest version of REST API is following CRUD schema.

    Programming Language: 
    License Type: Open Source