A cognitive AI landslide susceptibility application is an interactive web mapping application that shows landslide susceptibility and hazard in the province of Veneto, Italy. These maps fall within the Natural Risk Zone INSPIRE theme, and three different landslide types are represented: debris flows, slides in soil and slides in rock.

App for IPhone and Android. Easy to use outdoor/offline navigation app with free access to the topographic maps and aerial images for Spain. The app uses INSPIRE view services (WMTS).

  •  Download of map tiles for OFFLINE USAGE
  • Create and edit Waypoints
  • GoTo-Waypoint-Navigation
  • Create and edit Routes
  • Route-Navigation (Point-to-Point Navigation)
  • Track Recording (with speed, elevation and accuracy profile)
  • GPX/KML/KMZ Import/Export

The app is completely free.

Wikiloc is the place to discover and share outdoor routes on foot, by bike and many other activities. Besides, it offers the Outdoor Navigation App both for IOS and Android to track your hiking, cycling and more activities with GPS.

For the Spanish coverage, some OGC WMTS services are being used. 

App facilitating the realization of the pilgrimage trail. It offers information on the different Ways of Santiago (the French Way, the North Way, etc. ). It is powered by cartographic web services of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) and information provided by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago.

The Invasive Alien Species in Europe app enables the general public (amateurs and professionals) to receive and share information about Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Europe. It provides details about 37 difference IAS that are considered to be of interest to the complete European Union. Users can record pictures of possible Invasive Alien Species together with complementary information about their observation.

Open Land Use (OLU) is a map application providing pan-European data composed from various open data sources of different levels of details. The main data sources include the Urban Atlas and Corine Land Cover. In some countries, these data were combined with data of higher level of detail, such as the Land Parcel Identification System data and cadastral data in the Czech Republic.

The methodology for creating the Open Land Use Map includes the following steps:

  1. All available open data from a certain territory are collected and stored in a database.

The Open Transport Map (OTM) is an application for accessing transport data and was developed by the SDI4Apps, OpenTransportNet and FOODIE projects.

The Open Transport Map

Smart Poits of Interest (SPOI) is an app for accessing points of interest all over the world. A point of interest (POI) is a specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting. The dataset includes more than 28 million points of interest.  SPOI is the largest open and harmonised database in the world. The SPOI dataset is a seamless and open source of POIs available for download, search or reuse in applications and services. Its principal target is to provide information as linked open data (LOD).

Mohana (MOnitoring of HAbitats at the level of a NAtura 2000 site) is an app for management of Natura 2000 sites and protecting biodiversity. The app uses dynamic maps and user-generated content features.

map.apps SDI is used to create custom apps accessible via spatial data infrastructures (SDI) which can efficiently open up the contents of INSPIRE services and open data resources. This is con terra's demo application: https://www.mapapps.de/mapapps/resources/apps/sdi/index.html?lang=en