The creates INSPIRE AtomFeeds 

The AtomFeedGenerator generates INSPIRE AtomFeeds from "catalog service web" (CSW) service metadata.

The implementation of Persistent Identifiers (PID) for Spatial objects is one of the most immediate challenges in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. This project aims to build a framework for implementing Persistent Identifiers able to be dereferenced for INSPIRE resources in Spain. This work can be applied to other Member States.

The current solution is able to:

"Prodige is a free, open source software, available and immediately ready to use, which allows to implement a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).
The Prodige community brings together the French State and local authorities, and is coordinated by the ministry in charge of the environment.

geOrchestra is a freemodular and interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructure software born in 2009 to meet the requirements of the INSPIRE directive in Europe.

Geocortex offers a collection of products to analyse and report information with a spatial component within web mapping applications.


The GeoDCAT-AP API is a proof-of-concept of the implementation of GeoDCAT-AP in an OGC CSW (Catalog Service for the Web), re-using the standard CSW interface, and supporting in addition HTTP content negotiation.

More precisely, GeoDCAT-API uses the standard CSW parameters outputSchema and outputFormat to determine, respectively, (a) the GeoDCAT-AP profile to be used (core or extended), and (b) the RDF serialisation to be returned.

This XSLT is a proof of concept for the implementation of the specification concerning the geospatial profile of DCAT-AP (GeoDCAT-AP), available on Joinup, the collaboration platform of the EU ISA2 Programme

The GmlGeoX extension module extends ETF with additional capabilities:

  • Spatial indexing of features

  • Caching of feature geometries

  • Validation of feature geometries

  • Evaluation of topological predicates

ETF is an open source testing framework for validating spatial data, metadata and web services in Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs).

SensLog is web-based sensor data management system. SensLog is a solution that is suitable for static in-situ monitoring devices as well as for mobile devices with live tracking ability. General tasks of SensLog can be summarized in following points: