The creates INSPIRE AtomFeeds 

The AtomFeedGenerator generates INSPIRE AtomFeeds from "catalog service web" (CSW) service metadata.

The implementation of Persistent Identifiers (PID) for Spatial objects is one of the most immediate challenges in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. This project aims to build a framework for implementing Persistent Identifiers able to be dereferenced for INSPIRE resources in Spain. This work can be applied to other Member States.

The current solution is able to:

ThManager is an Open Source Tool for creating and visualizing SKOS RDF vocabularies.ThManager facilitates the management of thesauri and other types of controlled vocabularies, such as taxonomies or classification schemes.

ArcGIS users can easily use the Public Services On-Site Services ( PDOK ) Web Services with the PDOK Extension.

Functionally, this PDOK extension can:

  • Advanced search and sorting in the National Georegister
  • Showing services from PDOK ( WMS and TMS / WMTS )
  • Downloading data from PDOK ( WFS ) All this is possible with one click. ArcMap handles the complexity.

Maximize the performance of your services!

Use Spatineo Performance to discover the maximum capacity of your spatial web service and to identify the bottlenecks that prevent your service from reaching higher capacity levels. Test your services by generating realistic loads ranging from light to very heavy use. You can easily find the development areas to which you should focus your resources.

Spatineo Monitor is a web-based application for technical monitoring, service quality assessment, reporting and usage analytics of online Spatial Web Services. It helps both the data providers and the power data users in evaluating and improving the quality of the services they provide and rely on.

The process of building of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure based on the INSPIRE requirements and recommendations is now fully in its implementation phase. See the official INSPIRE Roadmap

This INSPIRE Interactive Data specification site offers INSPIRE data providers with all resources/tools related to the implementation of the INSPIRE data specifications.


The INSPIRE register federation is a distributed federation of registers related to the INSPIRE Directive.

The European Commission is operating a (central) registry providing common INSPIRE registers, e.g. to manage INSPIRE code lists or themes. Where Member States extend these code lists, they are obliged to make available the extended values in local registers. Such local registers can also support other use cases, e.g. the management of organisations in a country that have to implement INSPIRE, or thematic vocabularies, such as those provided by EU institutions and bodies.

The INSPIRE infrastructure involves a number of items, which require clear descriptions and the possibility to be referenced through unique identifiers. Examples for such items include INSPIRE themes, code lists, application schemas or discovery services. Registers provide a means to assign identifiers to items and their labels, definitions and descriptions (in different languages). The INSPIRE registry provides a central access point to a number of centrally managed INSPIRE registers.

The Re3gistry is a reusable open source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in INSPIRE, or for content in any other sector.