A tool to query and download INSPIRE datasets of the Dutch national dataportal "National Georegistry (NGR)" and add it to QGIS. 

The highly effective search methodology is based on the use of high-performance crawling and indexing functions. smart.finder performs regular searches on information sources and automatically derives metainformation from these, which it structures and makes available from a central location. smart.finder is able to locate data, metadata, services, documents, applications and features in a database, with or without spatial references, static or with time variance.

Wherever rapid and simple access to extensive geoinformation is needed, smart.finder is the tool of choice:

This is the Geo-Harvesting component developed for the European Open Data Portal (http://www.europeandataportal.eu/).

Single entry point component for harvesting geospatial data from multiple Geoportals in different formats and from different APIs


The Open Data Bridge is a small stand-alone Java application which harvests metadata sets from OpenData catalogues (Ckan based) and OGC CSW catalogues, transforms them into ArcGIS Online items (http://bit.ly/1457Ve9) and publishes these items into ArcGIS Online. The current version of the Open Data Bridge tool supports the WMS, KML and CSV item type. The tool could be used for a single process (running as a batch script directly by the user)

smart.finder SDI (formerly known as "terraCatalog") offers a powerful and scalable metainformation system based on open standards.