This vocabulary consists of a hierarchical set of labels with their definitions expressing the duties an implementer might need to carry out to produce any INSPIRE resources.

The list of tasks relies on the legal requirements (both from the Directive and Regulations) and INSPIRE’S technical guidance documents.

When implementers describe their implementation guides as a series of steps in a workflow, they pick relevant tasks from this common reference vocabulary. Also solution providers are invited to link the INSPIRE tasks supported by their tools so they are easily retrievable.



create/maintain metadata for download service


Create and maintain metadata for the download service.


This task is closely related to the task dls-cfg and maybe this task would be best represented as a sub-task of that task. This depends, whether the download service configuration and the maintenance of the 19115/19119 metadata for the download service are executed in parallel and under different responsibilities. The current approach may be changed based on feedback and experiences.

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