This vocabulary consists of a hierarchical set of labels with their definitions expressing the duties an implementer might need to carry out to produce any INSPIRE resources.

The list of tasks relies on the legal requirements (both from the Directive and Regulations) and INSPIRE’S technical guidance documents.

When implementers describe their implementation guides as a series of steps in a workflow, they pick relevant tasks from this common reference vocabulary. Also solution providers are invited to link the INSPIRE tasks supported by their tools so they are easily retrievable.



provide download service


Provide a download service for the spatial data set; this may be either a new service or an existing service may be updated to meet INSPIRE requirements. Any download service has to support downloading pre-defined (and typically pre-packaged) data sets. In addition, download services should support also direct access (access to single spatial objects as well as support for downloading subsets of the data selected by the user), where practicable. For pre-defined data set download services, guidance exists for two implementation approaches: an ATOM/OpenSearch-based profile and an OGC WFS 2.0 profile. For direct access, guidance exists only for using OGC WFS 2.0. When an OGC WFS 2.0 implements both the direct access and the pre-defined dataset profile, both download services may be implemented by the same service instance. Other implementations are possible, too, but no guidance exists that covers all legal requirements.

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