This vocabulary consists of a hierarchical set of labels with their definitions expressing the duties an implementer might need to carry out to produce any INSPIRE resources.

The list of tasks relies on the legal requirements (both from the Directive and Regulations) and INSPIRE’S technical guidance documents.

When implementers describe their implementation guides as a series of steps in a workflow, they pick relevant tasks from this common reference vocabulary. Also solution providers are invited to link the INSPIRE tasks supported by their tools so they are easily retrievable.



provide pre-defined dataset download service (ATOM)


Provide a new or add the spatial data set to an existing pre-defined dataset download service based on ATOM, GeoRSS-Simple and OpenSearch. The service is basically a hierarchy of ATOM feeds to reference files that are representaions of a dataset (or of a pre-defined part of a dataset). The encoding, coordinate reference system and language are provided for each file. GeoRSS-Simple is used to express location information, OpenSearch is used to implement the requirement in the regulation to offer operations with parameters. Otherwise the desired file(s) can also be identified navigating through the feed or feeds.


This task could be broken down into subtasks for the individual requirements and actions identified in the technical guidance document. This has not been done as often tools will allow to configure such a service so that all requirements of INSPIRE met. Where generic tools are used with no specific support for INSPIRE, the details of what needs to be done will vary based on the tool. The same is true for tools that support INSPIRE requirements explicitly, it is just that the configuration should be easier with those tools. Therefore it is questionable whether additional sub-tasks based on requirements listed by INSPIRE would provide any value to this vocabulary; rather it seems more valuable to describe the detailled tool-specific actions in tool-specific workflows and implementation examples. This approach may be changed based on feedback and experiences.

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